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Welcome to Fiddlesticks

Greetings! And welcome to our new website. It's rough and unwieldy, but everything is a work in progress, is it not? We appreciate your time and look forward to sharing our love of this mysterious and wonderful little leaf. We have made many friends through tea and look forward to making many more, you among them.

It's been an interesting journey bringing our enterprise to this point and we know we have lots of work to do. We hope you'll join us on the road ahead. If you would care to try our teas, we would like to offer you a “New Friends” discount of 25% off the retail for purchases of 6 ounces of tea or more. (Most teas come in 3 ounce and 1 ounce packages, except for Royal Mint, which is very light by volume.) Just mention "New Friend" in your email.

We are working on more offerings which we will be posting soon. If you'd like to be kept abreast of developments, please send us a note via the Contact page.

Thank you again for stopping by.

Deborah Yeager